A little about me....I am the proud daughter of a retired United States Air Force serviceman.  I enjoyed a childhood full of travel around the world.  I was drawn to North Carolina during my college years, and am proud to continue to call North Carolina my home.

I met the love of my life in 1999, and proudly became a stay-at-home mom after the birth of our first child.  To supplement our income, I began to sew custom children's clothing. My interests grew, and I began making handmade photo charms and then expanded into building furniture out of old barn wood.  I then opened a workshop where I could teach others how to build furniture.

In 2018, I began to pursue a dream of becoming a Firefighter!  After meeting the wonderful people at the Summerfield Fire Department, I knew I must join their family!  I began training and have earned my black helmet.  I am proud to serve my community.

Through my time spent at the fire house, I quickly saw a way to combine my sewing experience into making a quality, valuable product for others to enjoy.  The idea for Burn Bags started when I noticed the stack of old fire hose at the fire station.  I experimented with the fire hose to create unique bags for you. 

Every fire department color codes their hose. Locally we have supply line (hose) and attack line. Supply line is big and round and usually pretty stiff and goes from the water source to the pumper. Attack line is smaller and often softer and goes from the pumper into the fire. At our department our supply line is orange and yellow and our attack line is blue and green.  You may notice that some of our bags are stiffer than others. This is because some is made from supply line and some from attack line.