Fire Hose Rugs - Khaki


Our rugs are hand made out of decommissioned fire hose and measure 2'x3'. Machine washable or cleaning with a pressure washer works well too.

The wear and tear on each piece of fire hose will vary slightly. Rugs are stamped with the department they are from and come with an authenticity tag.

Fire departments color code their hose. Locally we have supply line (hose) and attack line. Supply line is big and round and usually pretty stiff and goes from the water source to the pumper. Attack line is smaller and often softer and goes from the pumper into the fire. At our department our supply line is orange and yellow and our attack line is blue and green. You may notice that some of our rugs are stiffer than others. This is because some is made from supply line and some from attack line.

A large expense in making our Burn Bags is cleaning the hose with Decon Ready™. This product works to break down and neutralize carcinogens in the hose. You can learn more about this product here:

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